Why You Should Be Cautious about “Affordable SEO”

Why You Should Be Cautious about “Affordable SEO”

How much does SEO cost? And how much should the small-medium business owners want to spend for excellent affordable search engine optimisation? These are questions that many website/business owners have asked themselves, and sadly the jungle, which is’SEO pricing’ makes the replies look harder to find than they really should be.

So why does all this confusion exist? And is Cheap SEO the way to go?

It does not require much effort to confuse oneself using SEO pricing systems. A simple five minute Google search will usher in various sites; each offering price ranges with such vast differences that nobody would blame you for believing SEO was a scam of sorts that you would find on unethical sites.

You may expect some businesses to provide you with a whole assortment of affordable search engine optimisation services for the measly cost of $100 and under, with accompanying guarantees of higher SERP results and terrific customer service/support to boot. On the flip side, you may also find companies that are charging up to $5000 a month using the same types of promises except wrapped in a corporate-like feel that most businesses obviously can’t afford. Therefore the question remaining is, which do I Iike; the cost that makes believe you think “this is too good to be true” or the price which may bankrupt you if you don’t get positive results?

The first step to knowing how much to invest is to understand what services are now being offered to you in the first place.

This may seem like an obvious aspect to take into consideration. Still, more often than not, business owners or project managers do not know how SEO works or what you can expect for the price, and that’s where the confusion can intensify.

As a business owner looking to improve their website’s organic visibility with a minimal understanding of SEO and having an equally constricting budget, it might be an instinctual move to choose the company that’s promising significant results for just $100 per month. They are only charging $100 per month, so what’s the worst that can happen?

The cheaper the search engine optimisation services are, the higher the odds are that the search engine optimisation practices which will be used can lead to either no SERP changes or potential damage that will cost you a fortune to fix later on. A fast fix is very rarely a good fix, and with such a low monthly price you can expect that any work which will be done will be carried out by even cheaper outsourced labour, likely from India or the Philippines. Not to mention that in the event you do have to be in touch with the business over potential problems or questions, then it is possible to expect the customer service will match the job that they have performed.

If you’re searching for services that won’t break your bank but are still likely to have a positive influence on your digital marketing plans, then we would suggest taking a look at prices that vary from $500-$800 per month. Fact is it’s not feasible to perform a proper website technical analysis, keyword analysis, competitor research, articles and taxonomy structure analysis, blog suggestions with relevant keywords and much more, for only $100 per month!

So if you’re contented with only giving away $100 per month with high hopes, then do not expect any improvements.

It’s important not to forget that any price range that’s near the $500 mark is still thought to be on the cheaper end of the search engine optimisation spectrum. If you’re looking for dramatic results in the shortest amount of time, you are going to have to be ready to invest more. It’splain and simple.

As with any sort of work across any business, the age-old adage holds; you get what you pay for. If there is something to take away from this guide, it is this. If you are being guaranteed excellent SEO for a cost that would prompt the “this is too good to be true” response, then it probably is, so approach with caution.

Obtaining good results takes time, and time is money, so to acquire actual benefits, you will need to pay someone to spend some time to evaluate and execute actions catered to your businesses specific needs.